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Christmas Weekly Menu – Including SNACKS!

Food Photos Collage

Food Photos Collage

Christmas Weekly Menu is here! Well, it’s not fancy, or what you might expect but this is what my family had for dinner last week.

We live in Greece and have been under lockdown for 7 weeks now. Or is it 8? By now I have lost count. And no, I do not see the end of it yet. But, although I do not like this situation as much as the next person, I have come to terms with it. Because I, like you, can do hard things. This means I roll up my sleeves and do the work. I don’t wine, I don’t blame others.
Instead, I find solutions to my problems and new ways to have fun. I am sure you can relate.

Back to the food.

Since we are not celebrating with company there was really no reason for me to cook up a feast. Instead, I focused on having a small spread of all of our favorites. And it was a hit!

My only complaint is that we didn’t have enough leftovers, so I had to cook the next day. Or maybe that was a good thing?

How did you spend Christmas this year?



Bean Soup (I understand that you are sick and tired of seeing this here, but I cook it because I actually crave it! Bonus points that the whole family loves it!)

Leek Pie (Coming on the blog. Stay tuned!)



Roasted chicken with potatoes and carrots





Cheese and ham panini



Cauliflower Stew with potatoes in the Instant Pot

Sweet Bread



Veal Stew served with french fries 

Traditional Butter Cookies



chicken kebabs and french fries

Traditional Butter Cookies



Lentil Stew




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Food Photos Collage

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