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Weekly Meals Vol.3



Hello and welcome to another post of Weekly Meals. I really like sharing our dinners with you.

I hope you find some inspiration and helps you to make you own meal plan.

On another note I keep being surprised at how fast time goes. Honestly, I feel like a day has 100 hours but on the other hand I can’t fathom how fast weeks go by!

Meal planning lifts a huge weight off my shoulders. It is just so easy to slip into a cooking rut and have the same 2-3 dinners over and over again. Or keep having take out. I am definitely guilty of this.

Now I just keep my plan on my fridge and every night I glance through it and do any prep work that I can ahead of time, namely defrost ingredients and wash vegetables.

Do you do any prep work ahead of time?

Below is this pasts week dinner plan.




Main: Giouvarlakia

Side: Green Salad

Snack: Apples drizzled in honey




Main: Cabbage Risotto

Side: Feta & Olives

Snack: Bell Peppers and yogurt




Main: Chicken and Pasta 

Side: Greek Salad

Snack: Trail mix




Main: Fish Soup

Side: Dinner Rolls

Snack: Granola Bars and bananas




Main: Beef, potato & Zucchini Stew 

Side: Spinach Salad

Snack: Energy Balls




Main: Leftovers

Side: Bread & Feta

Snack: Cup Cakes




Main: Pasta in Marinara Sauce

Side: Lettuce Salad

Desert: Ice Cream

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