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The BEST chocolate tahini spread

Chocolate Tahini Spread

Tahini Spread

This chocolate tahini spread is a big hit in our house! We are big fans of spreads in this family. Sweet and savory alike. We have them with rice crisps, pitas, toast, pancakes, etc. We also eat them as breakfast or as a snack. But after so many weeks in quarantine this year and eating ALL of our meals at home, none of our regulars sounded good.


So, I took it into my own hands to make a spread that:

  1. Was NOT full of junk. You know, all these ingredients that you can’t even pronounce. Let alone feed your kids with.
  2. Tastes GREAT! What is the reason to take the time and make the effort to prepare something that neither you nor your family wants to eat?
  3. It is FAST to whip up. Because if the whole family is at home, time is a commodity you can NOT spare.
  4. Doesn’t require 438570685092384 ingredients. I understand that each one has its purpose and contributes to an umami flavor, but my budget and food cupboard space is not unlimited.

Tahini Spread


Chocolate Tahini Spread

And this chocolate tahini bread is what I came up with. It checks all of the above and then some. What I like most about this is that it satisfies my sweet tooth while keeping me full for more than a second! The health benefits are also not bad.

I usually make it during my meal prep sessions on Sunday and Thursday. As you can tell, it doesn’t last long…

So, go ahead and make this now. You probably already have all the ingredients in your kitchen. I am sure you will like it much better than anything you have bought and it costs much less too.

This version uses a mini chopper to make it, but you can double it and use a food processor or use a fork to mix it. There is no excuse not to try it.


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