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Pressure Cooker Boiled Potatoes

Potatoes in a pot

Potatoes in a pot

Have you ever tried to make boiled potatoes at the last minute? It is a terrible experience. Thankfully, instant pot is here for the rescue!

Have you jumped on the Instant Pot bandwagon yet? I swear pressure cooking has changed my life!

No more babysitting a pot over the stove for hours on end. Well, maybe that was just me but I was fed up. Why did it have to take more than TWO hours to cook a pot of beans?

Disclaimer: I learned how to cook on a mini oven with classic electrical burners and the cheap IKEA pot set. That I still to this day use. Possibly daily…

Maybe this had to do something with my cooking times. To be fair, I had great success in baking Easter cookies (all 123 of them), loaves of bread, gemista, and pizzas in that tiny oven. I also cooked many a beef stews and pinto beans.

Back to the pressure cooker.

One of my all-time favorite meals is potato salad. Because what’s not to like? You can eat it warm or cold, with as many or as little of toppings as you prefer (#budgetfriendly) and it makes a great meal prepping dish.



Boiling potatoes takes sooooooo much time. Enter Pressure Cooker Boiled Potatoes. And you have boiled/baked potatoes in 20 min flat!

As you can imagine the potatoes are HOT when you open your pot. They still need some time to rest and cool enough so you can handle them.

If you have a traditional stovetop pressure cooker, don’t fret. The method is exactly the same provided that your pot came with a tripod and a steaming rack.

Also, stovetop pressure cookers can reach higher pressure than electric ones so you might need to adjust your cooking time by 2-3 min. Other factors that affect the cooking time are elevation and the size of the potatoes. You might need to experiment a little until you get it just perfect. Or you could just play it by ear…

That’s what I do and my potatoes always turn good.

Pressure Cooker Boiled Potatoes

Boiling potatoes was always a hassle for me. Until I made them in the pressure cooker.
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time10 mins
Natural Release10 mins
Total Time15 mins
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Greek, Mediterranean, Vegan
Servings: 4 people
Potatoes in a pot


  • 4 big potatoes
  • 250 ml water


  • Wash your potatoes thoroughly under water. You can also let them soak. Using a brush remove the dirt.
  • Add water to your pressure cooker and insert the steaming rack.
  • Place the potatoes inside the steaming rack and lock the lid. Cook on high for 15 min.
  • Use the natural release for 10 min and then quick release the pressure.
  • Let them cook enough to handle and use them to make potato salad, mashed potatoes or jacked potatoes.



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Potatoes in Instant Pot

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2 thoughts on “Pressure Cooker Boiled Potatoes

  1. Pete says:

    15 minutes to cook and 10 minutes steam/pressure release equals 25 minutes.
    I don’t see any time benefit there tbh.
    I do like that they can be steamed in this timeframe instead of losing flavor to the water with boiling.

    1. Joanna says:

      It usually takes me more to an hour to boil big potatoes. I do agree, steaming them makes them tastier.

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