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My new cooking mantra

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I love cooking.

But you already know that about me…

Do you know what I also like? Home cooked meals.

Spending ALL day slaving in the kitchen?

NOT so much. 

This is why I started meal planning and meal prepping years ago. And to save some money too. Shocking don’t I know it!


As a wife and mother providing food my family is not just about filling three empty tummies. For me, cooking is a way to show my family that I love them and I care about them. The quality of their food is important to me. I always strive to provide a nutritionally balanced meal that meets the dietary needs of each one. And I want to do it in a fun and yummy way!

Even if that means that I have to spend a little more time in the kitchen. But we all know, one little thing brings the other and somehow you find yourself knee deep in chores. And THAT never ends well. 


In an effort to alleviate my stress levels I took a deep breath and decided that enough was enough. It was clear that my current ways were not doing anyone a favor. What good was I doing if by providing the most nutritious meals for my kid I deprived him from time well spent together? What was more important? Good food or fond memories? Teaching him values and playing together or homemade cereal bars? What could I do to have the best of both worlds?

Since I do use a detailed meal plan each week and the time I can spend with my boy each day is pretty much defined, I decided to cut the excess. After some trial and error it boiled down to my new cooking mantra:


Just cook two things.


So every day, I do just that. It doesn’t matter what these are. It might be cooking dinner, and doubling the recipe so we have leftovers, and making cupcakes. Or it might be making granola and Popsicles. As long as there is dinner on the table, either from the freezer, leftovers or just pancakes, the rest is just the icing.  It really doesn’t matter. I might cook alone or I might have “helpers”. 

Stuffed vegetables 1

And you know what? I usually do, because I am that much more fun to be with in the kitchen now. I stopped rushing myself and the people around me. We listen to music, cook together, talk about our day and generally have fun. And because it’s family fun time, we might just cook a little more. Some times…

Have you ever tried meal planning? Did it work for you?

How do you approach cooking lately?

I want to hear all about it!

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