My four most used cookbooks in 2020



If you know me in real life you know I love cookbooks. Which explains my not so small collection. Not counting my e-cookbooks! 

You might think that as a food blogger/ recipe developer I always cook my own recipes or that I can whip up a meal on demand. That could not be farther from the truth. Although I do have some favorites that I rotate through often I too fall in a funk from time to time.

You might be wondering “Aren’t you following your own meal plan?”. The answer is both YES and NO. Depending on the demands of the behind the scenes workload I might or not follow along with the weekly meal plans. Let me explain. If I am in the midst of recipe development and/or photography I usually don’t follow the meal plan because that produces more leftovers than we can possibly eat. And I hate to waste food. If I am working on planning, blogging, and non-cooking related work then you can bet that I follow the plan. It makes my life SOOOO much easier. And my wallet THAT much happier!

That being said, I love to cook (socking, don’t I know it!), and trying new recipes. This is where my cookbooks come in very handy. Cooking someone else’s recipes makes me feel like I am invited over for dinner. I am always looking forward to a dinner invitation!

So without further rambling here are the 5 cookbooks I used most in 2020:

  1. Just add sauce by America’s Test Kitchen. I bought this book after I saw it on the blog “The hungry hungry hippie”. I have been reading Elise for many years and although our cooking styles are very different I trust her recommendations. And let me tell you this one did not disappoint.
  2. Brown Eggs and Jam Jars by Aimme Wimbush-Bourque. Hands down one of my favorite bloggers. I have learned so many things from her blog “Simple Bites”. This is her first book and I just LOVE it. 
  3. Mediterranean Instant Pot by Americas Test Kitchen. I don’t know why but I had very low expectations from this book. But it is a stellar cookbook in my opinion. I definitely cooked more recipes than any other cookbook this year. And they were all happily devoured by all members of the family. I think the baby was the biggest fun. And that says something! If you have a pressure cooker this one is for you.
  4. The sweetapolita bakebook. This is my go-to book for birthday cakes. I already baked two for my kids this year. My son was over the moon! I am now planning my husband’s cake. It will be a success. As long as there is chocolate involved that is…


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