Weekly Meals Vol.1

Weekly meals photo collage

The most common question I get about our menu plans is what kind of cuisine they include.

There is of course a sample weekly menu on the sites homepage. If you are interested you can download it for FREE here.

But I thought it would be fun, to give you a glimpse of how the weekly menu plan translates into our household. Obviously, I have the best of intentions to provide a hot and perfectly balanced dinner every day, but sometimes life happens…

I’m sure you can relate.

Below I share what we had for dinner last week what I served it with and some snack ideas.




Main: Greek Baked Meatballs with CousCous

Side: Sliced Bell Peppers

Snack: Apples




Main: Potato Casserole

Side: Cucumber sticks 

Snack: Crackers & Cheese




Main: Chicken Soup 

Side: Dinner Rolls

Snack: Yogurt with honey




Grilled Glaucus served with rice

Tomato & Cucumber Salad

Snack: Pistachios




Main: Beef Stew in tomato sauce with rice

Side: Lettuce Salad

Snack: Dried Figs & Cheese




Main: Bean Stew

Side: No knead Focaccia Bread & Feta

Snack: Chocolate cake




Main: Spaghetti with Pesto

Side: Caprese Salad

Desert: Revani


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