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Today I would like to introduce you to my favorite Cookbooks.

It is no secret that I love cookbooks. In fact, I own a somewhat extensive collection of cookbooks and magazines.
Some I bought myself and some were gifted me to me. They were the only source I had available when I first taught myself how to cook. Back when the internet was not readily accessible. Just to give you an idea of how old I am!
As my cooking skills improved my palate started to change. I was more willing to try new foods and cooking methods. Tasting different and unfamiliar flavors didn’t feel as daunting anymore. Blogs and recipe sites were still not very popular at the time as was internet access for me. Or that is the excuse I found for myself in order to expand my cookbook collection.
Over the years I have gone from never flipping a page to cooking exclusively from recipes found in the pages of my books. Here is a list of my favorite cookbooks; the ones that I have used most over the last decade. They have taught me a lot and I also bought them as gifts as well.
Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison: If I was allowed to own only one cookbook, this would be it. I truly love every aspect of this book. It truly covers every aspect of cooking. From why to cook and how to implement it in your daily routine to kitchen basics and great recipes. I should mention that I was never a vegetarian but this book is so rich in information that any cook can benefit from it. It should not go unnoticed that my copy is now somewhat old and includes only a handful of photos of the recipes.
Everyday Vegetarian, the complete collection, by Australian’s Women’s Weekly: Yet another plant-based book in my collection. I own some Australian’s Women’s Weekly recipe books and they always deliver. This one is a real stunner though with whole page photos of each recipe. I have loved cooking the recipes, even if, sometimes I have to make some minor alterations to better suit my family’s tastes.
Bread, A baker’s book of techniques and recipes by Jeffrey Hamelman: There was a time that I was very interested in bread baking. This book offers so much more than just some recipes. It is filled with technical information about how to make bread as a professional. The recipes are offered in Imperial and Metric standards as well as scaled-down for the home cook. If you would like to explore the world of break I highly recommend it. My house has never smelled better than when I baked my own bread.
Brown Eggs and Jam Jars, by Aimee Wimboush-Bourque: Aimee runs the successful blog “Simple Bites”. For those of you who don’t follow her, now is the time. She shares incredible information about cooking for a family and how to get your kids involved in the kitchen. Her recipes are always lick-your-fingers-tasty and her approach to cooking very down to earth. This is her first cookbook and it is filled with scrumptious recipes and impeccable narrative about how to achieve your personal goals in your home kitchen.
Just Add Sauce, by America’s Test Kitchen: I was very hesitant to order this book. At first glance, it seemed kind of a bold move for me to buy a book just about the sauce. I am just a home cook after all. But after some serious debate, I went for it. Imagine how surprised I was when I found myself reaching for it day in and day out. As it turned out this book was exactly what I needed to step up my cooking. Not to mention my salad dressing making skills.
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