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Last minute Gift Guide for the Home Cook

Gift GuideGift GuideA last minute gift guide for the home cook

If you are anything like me, then you probably still have some holiday shopping to do.

When I shop for gifts I have two things in mind. First, the gift must be something that I myself find practical or pretty, and second the price must be right. That doesn’t mean that it must be cheap but rather it has a good value for money. In real life, this always results in gifts that range in price.

Bonus points if it is an item that I know the recipient will love but would not buy it for themselves.

Below you will find a selection of gifts that all fit the above criteria.

Note that there are no cookbooks included. If you are interested I have a blog post with my favorite ones here.


So here is a last minute gift guide for the home cook. It is a selection of items that I use in my kitchen that make great gifts for home cooks:

  1. Instant Pot. If you have been reading for more than 3 sec you knew that this was going to make the list. I was really hesitant to buy one since I already own a stove top pressure cooker but I am really glad I did. I use it at least 4 days a week sometimes multiple times a day.
  2. In relation to the above an extra Instant Pot insert. If you know someone who already owns an Instant Pot and loves it why not buy him/her an extra insert? I have one extra and use it all the time.
  3. A pair of tongs. I used to lift food by piercing it with a fork but a pair tongs can make your life SO much easier. Not to mention that it keeps your hands away from fire!
  4. Measuring Cups. Most recipes use volume rather than weight so a set of measuring cups can come in very handy. These are different kinds for dry and wet ingredients.
  5. Measuring Spoons. As mentioned above these are very useful to measure very small quantities of dry goods such as spices and seasonings.
  6. Scale. A good scale is an invaluable tool in the kitchen especially if you bake cakes. 
  7. Wooden Spoons. I just can’t cook without one.
  8. Silicon Mats. No more parchment paper! Silicon mats are a baker’s best friend. After the scale that is!
  9. Chef’s Knife. I have and love this one. Having a good knife is invaluable in the kitchen.
  10. Knife Sharpener. A god knife is of no use if it’s not sharp. Also, a friendly reminder that dull knives are dangerous.
  11. Wooden Cutting board. Wood is an excellent surface to use your knife on since it is soft and doesn’t dull your knives very fast.
  12. Salad Spinner. For the salad lovers in your life. This is a game changer. No more watery greens and dressings. 
  13. Cooling Racks. From Quick breads to cookies to cakes to breads cooling racks are constantly being used in my kitchen
  14. A griddle pan. I love this cast iron one. The lid transforms it to a perfect panini press
  15. A Dutch Oven. I never really understood all the fuss about cast iron pot until I used one. The hype is right. I own these two but I have found some more affordable options here and here.


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