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Homemade Herbed Croutons


Croutons 2

As I grew up my relationship with food and my taste preferences changed many times. Bread though always had a place in my kitchen.
For better or worse I am opposed to wasting food. I always try to cook a certain amount of portions and if I have leftovers I strive to turn them into a different dish. That being said when I found myself with stale bread which was hard as a rock over and over again it was time to find a better solution than make meatballs. Again…
My first thought was to make rusks since they keep for a long time and I enjoy them over breakfast. But the small oven that I had in my house then wasn’t up for the job. So I started broiling them. First I coated them with olive oil and then I sprinkled them with dried oregano. It was a wonderful light meal.
Later, when I had friends over for raki, a distilled spirit which resembles ouzo, we wanted some meze. Our most usual menu had: raki, bread, olives, and yogurt.
It was during one of those gatherings that homemade croutons were created. Little bread bites coated in olive oil and oregano, broiled until crisp.


Croutons Fresh

This is really not a recipe but a method. Cut your stale bread in the desired size and put it in a large bowl. Drizzle it with olive oil and sprinkle some dried herbs. I prefer oregano but thyme, marjoram and savory all work well. Use what you have. Using your hands toss them until coated. You can also add salt. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and bake them until crisp and golden brown.

Since then the menu changed countless times and my kitchen has been upgraded. Homemade herbed croutons though are definitely here to stay.



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Homemade croutons in a pan
Homemade croutons in a pan

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