Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy 1st Birthday to my sweet little girl! You have brought so much love and joy to our little family. I hope you will always be your sweet little self.

This Chocolate Cake turned out great! And the sugar coins added the perfect color slash! I hope when you see the photos in the future you will like it too.

I love layer cakes. I don’t know why or when this love affair started but it is getting stronger by the year.

If you have been here for more than five seconds then you know that I am a chocolate and cake lover. And that is a dangerous combination. Also, I love to bake. And that is a dangerous combination.

So, it’s actually no surprise that I wanted to try and bake my own cakes. Since cake is not the most nutritious food out there I try to not bake them very often. So, I am still learning the basics. If you have any tips for me please tell me in the comments. I appreciate it.

Last week, my baby girl turned one. I really don’t know how that happened. I slowed down as much as possible, spent every possible minute with her, and still… I feel time escaped me!

She has brought so much joy in our lives. She makes us laugh every day with her mannerisms and her smile brightens our days. She truly is amazing.

We couldn’t throw her a big party, due to COVID-19.  So I decided to make her day, and her brother’s too, a little more special by celebrating on our own. Kids don’t need much. I baked a cake, turned on the radio, and blew up some balloons. And they had the time of their lives!

It is worth mentioning that this is what my kids do every afternoon, minus the balloons. But since there was a cake and we named it a party, it made it special for them. 

The cake was made using recipes from “The Sweetapolita Bakebook”. I got it as a present a couple of years back and I love it. I highly recommend it. I used the “simple and splendid chocolate cake” recipe and frosted it using the chocolate variation of the “Italian Meringue Buttercream”. SO GOOD!

Unfortunately, I can not share the recipes but take my word for it and buy the book. It makes a great birthday gift too! 

All in all, we had a great time, spent time as a family, and celebrated a big milestone.

Happy 1st Birthday, Baby Girl!



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A moist, rich and light double chocolate Birthday Cake that is easy to make. Bonus points that you can make it days in advance.

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