Frequently Asked Questions

Are various diet options available?
Our recipes are not developed to accommodate specific dietary restrictions (i.e. paleo, glutten-dairy-wheat-nut-free, vegan). Some of them provide some modifications but any allergy or dietary restriction adjustment must be made by the user.
Are the recipes kid-friendly?
Being mainly focused on providing family friendly meals, we always have children in mind when developing our recipes. Since very young family members usually go through many cycles of picky and non-picky we can only suggest that you just keep offering a variety of foods. That being said most of our recipes are toddler approved.
Is there meat in every meal?
Our aim is to follow the modern Mediterranean Diet which suggests to have meat twice a week. Many of our recipes include tips on how to add meat if you want to though.
How long do the meals take to prepare?
We strive to minimize hands on prep and cooking time. This is why we often utilize pressure cooking. Our goal is to have a meal ready in approximately 45 min on average.
How many people are your recipes for?
Most of the recipes yield four portions. Entertaining recipes can usually serve more.
How complicated are the recipes?
We try our best to make our recipes as beginner friendly as possible without however restricting the experienced cook.
Do the recipes use up all the ingredients?
We double check our grocery lists and strive to use up all the perishable ingredients.
How is this going to affect my grocery budget?
Based on our personal experience, having a plan usually reduces costs because you only buy what you need in the proper amount and timing. That being said, we try our best to keep the budget within the national average.
How much do subscription cost?
Please visit our Subscribe page to review our price plans.
Do the meals include all new recipes every single week?
We love to try new flavor combinations and work hard to provide balanced meals that use seasonal ingredients. Meal plans will include a balance of new recipes and old favorites every week.
Can I cancel my subscription any time?
Currently subscriptions cannot be canceled.
What happens when my subscription expires?
Subscriptions are not automatically renewed. When they expire you will have to purchase a new one. We will send you a reminder a few days before to let you know.
Is there a mobile app available?
Currently there is no mobile app available, but our website is responsive which means that you can easily access your mealplan and shopping list from any device.
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