A week of meals and snacks

Photos of food
Photos of food

Hello friends. It’s been a long time. I was very quiet on the blog this year.

And what a year this has been until now. I found myself struggling more times than I want to admit. This pandemic really put a lot on my plate. Running a business with two kids in tow is no joke! But I am in no way complaining. We did benefit in a number of ways too. So I am grateful for that and focusing on the future.

Speaking of the future it seems soooo weird that there are only two months left in this year. Crazy!!!

This past week I really tried to stay focused and follow the meal plan. Since my family and I don’t always share our meals due to my extensive dietary restrictions I found it very difficult. When I troubleshoot why I found out that it was mostly because I hadn’t put the menu up on the fridge! I am such a visual person that taking short glimpses of it during the day helps keep me relaxed and on top of things. It also reminds me if I need to defrost anything for the next day.

Please tell me that this happens to you too. Am I the only one?

So, without further ado here is what we had for dinner and snacks this past week.


Lentil Stew

Homemade phyllo cheese pie


Cabbage Risotto

Pears & Crackers


Leftovers and feta



Chicken skewers, sweet potato fries and yoghurt sauce

Corn Flakes


Chicken Soup

Energy balls

Saturday (The week before, not today)

Linguini bolognese sauce



We ate at a restaurant

How was your week?

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Photos of food
Photos of food

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