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A Simple Rocket Salad

This rocket salad is just too easy not to try it. And too tasty to miss out!

In our house we almost always serve a salad with our main course. If I am being honest we just always serve salad, but that’s a story for another day.

As you can probably guess our fridge is fully stoked at all times. Heavens forbid and we run out of salad vegetables! (It has happened, I have BAD memories). I didn’t use to buy the prepared packaged salads. Sometimes though I do have to cut corners otherwise we are not going to have a homemade meal.

Does that ever happen to you? You have all the ingredients and a plan for dinner but suddenly everything falls apart and you find yourself scrambling to put something on the table?

Back to the salad greens. 

This salad came together on such an instance. I was in a hurry to put dinner on the table as I realized that the only greens in the house was a bag of baby arugula. But serving plain greens didn’t seem right to me. For what is worth, I believe that if you serve any kind of vegetable with a meal you can consider you are winning at life. But that particular moment I wanted something more. 

As luck would have it I turned to the fruit bowl. And there it was a perfectly ripe pomegranate. And that was it. I put those two together and made a salad.

For the dressing I just added olive oil, balsamic glaze and salt & pepper.

It really doesn’t get more basic than this. And that’s the charm of this salad I think.

So next time you find yourself in a rut, remember that a salad doesn’t have to be complicated, or include a million ingredients. Sometimes simple is best.

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