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A day in the life – Newborn Edition


I always enjoy learning about how other people spend their days. It is so fascinating to see how we all do the same things

so differently.

I also don’t keep a journal so I often find myself wondering how my life was at a certain period of time. To remedy that I decided to write some “Day in the life” posts.

Mostly for myself; but if you want a glimpse of my daily schedule I hope you enjoy them.


5:00   Baby wakes up. Nurse her. Put her back to sleep. Refuses to sleep so I try again. She is a bit fussy so try to nurse her again. It seems she was not done eating. Put her down.

6:00   I come downstairs and have breakfast. I work a little.

7:15   Wake up my son O. Help him get ready, pack his backpack and get him breakfast.

7:40   Go to schoolbus.

7:50  Back home. Continue meal prep and unload dishwasher. Man! SO.MANY.DISHES!

8:20   Done. Keep notes for this post and check email.

8:34   Baby is up! I go upstairs change her nappy and nurse her.

9:10   Done feeding. Take clothes downstairs to the dryer. Both downstairs. Baby sits in her browser and we talk for a while. After 10 min she’s over it so we take the laundry upstairs, fold it and put it away. 

9:40  She’s fussy again so I just hold her.

9:55   Fallen asleep on me so I transfer her carefully to her bassinet. 

9:56   Starts crying. 

10:00 Seams like she is hungry, so I feed her again. I put her on her stroller while I run upstairs to get ready to go out. Typically she starts crying after a minute.

10:10 I’m all dressed up and ready to leave. Out the door we go. I arrive on time for my appointment but there is a delay. We stroll outside for a bit to avoid any unnecessary unhappiness. 

11:15 My appointment is now over. Baby was fussy so I had to hold her in my arms. Back in the stroller & heading home.

11:00 Back home time for another feeding.

12:00 Fallen asleep. Fussy again while I grab a snack & drink a glass of water.. Turn on white noise on youtube. Take notes for the day. 

12:15  Start on household chores. Change loads in the washer & dryer, hang laundry to air dry and fold the last load. Lastly I rub a piece of pork with herbs and olive oil and put it in the slow cooker. 

13:12 All done. Time for some computer work.

13:36 Uploading photos and videos from my phone to my pc. Have a snack while reading blogs.

14:08 I leave my little lady to snooze and go pick up O from the schoolbus.He doesn’t want to hang out and goes straight for quite time.

15:20 Done with lunch. Time to wake up the baby.

17:00 After a very long feeding with multiple bathroom interruptions baby girl is down for a nap.

17:20 She is really refusing to nap, so I nurse her since it had been almost two hours since she last ate.

17:30 Baby now naps. With both kids napping time to tackle some more household chores.

18:20 I wake up my oldest, since he’s been sleeping for too long. I serve him a bowl of cereal I made this morning. I keep working on my computer.

19:00 My husband walks into the house as I am waking up the baby. We Chat for a while as he gets ready to take over father duties, i.e. play with the kids while I cook.

21:00 Bed time routine for both kids. Today is my husbands turn to give the baby a bath. We take turns because otherwise we fight over it! While baby eats I hear my son having a full meltdown. Kids! Baby starts crying; time for another nappy change. It’s obvious she was not quite done with dinner so I feed her again.

22:00 Both kids asleep. It’s dinner time for the adults.

22:30 We pick up our plates and head to the kitchen to pack lunches and clean up. 

22:50 Work a little on this post and then on a different project.

23:00 I can hardly keep my eyes open. Time to get ready for bed.

24:00 Lights out. Goodnight!


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