8 Easy Meals Using Pantry Staples

Here are 8 Easy Meals Using Pantry Staples.

Meals that utilize pantry and freezer items seem to be the theme of the week. More and more people are staying at home. Grocery shopping is not always an easy task. So more home cooks turn to their food storage to whip up a wholesome meal.

My goal with this blog has always been to inspire you to cook more at home. To do that I share recipes that I believe are quick, easy, and family-friendly. Moving forward you can expect to see more recipes on the blog. I want to help you provide your family with nutritious meals. But I will need your help. Over the course of the next few days, I would really appreciate it if you could tell me what would be more helpful to you. What would you like to see more off?

You can leave me a comment on the blog or connect with me on social media. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. 

Together we can write a “cookbook” that we can reference to make our life in the kitchen more fun and the time around the table more enjoyable.

For today I have collected 8 easy meals using pantry staples from the archives that can be cooked using ingredients that you might already have on hand or you can stock up as most of them have a long shelf life.


Hearty and Warming Lentil Stew

Green beans


Green Beans With Red Sauce 


Simple Pressure Cooker Chickpea Soup


A classic butternut squash soup


Salmon Topped with lemon slices on green plate

Roasted Salmon from Frozen

Split Peas3

Fava-The perfect summer side dish

Potato Salad served on a green casserole

Fail-proof Potato Salad- A total crowd pleaser

Pinto Beans



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