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5 reasons I love pressure cooking

Pressure cooking is the absolute best. If you haven’t tried it yet you must go remedy that immediately.

These days you can find countless kitchen appliances and gadgets. Admittedly I own some of them too. But are they essential? Not all of them. Could you make restaurant good meals without them? Certainly.

One of the most used and loved appliances in my kitchen are my pressure cookers. I own three and I couldn’t be more happy about it. I was gifted this set as a wedding gift. The second one I bought on a whim. And then proceeded to buy one more insert.

I use one of them daily and some days all of them.

Here is what I love about them:

  1. It’s a one pot meal. I love cooking. But I hate doing the dishes. In fact in our house I cook and my husband does the dishes. Between photographing food for our meal plans and two kids we go through a lot of dishes. One pot meals are definitely welcomed here!
  2. You can cook two meals at the same time. Yes. You read that right. You can actually cook two separate meals at once using the pot-in-a pot method. The only restrictions are that both recipes must be cooked in the same pressure for the same amount of time.
  3. Food tastes better. Most of the time that is. Not all pots are made equally. Pressure cookers are made to withstand high pressure, so they are usually good quality. And that reflects on the end results.
  4. They save me time. Pressure cookers can cut down the cooking time by 2/3rds. Although they do need some time to build up the pressure, I have found that they do reduce the cooking time significantly.
  5. You can cook meat and fish from frozen. Forgot to thaw your protein for dinner? No problem. This is especially true for recipes that do not call for searing the meat first.


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